Yoga For Getting Fit

Want to get fit?

How can yoga help me get fit? Lose weight? You’ve probably heard that yoga is great for reducing stress, increasing flexibility, and improving your overall health. But can yoga help you get in shape?  Most definitely!

Yoga is for every BODY! Worlds Yoga has a set of very active classes offered early morning, during lunch break and in the evening. Worlds Yoga PREP classes are designed to help you get fit, building strength and flexibility.  Getting in shape means losing weight, building muscle definition and strength, and feeling healthier.

If you have never done yoga before and want to know how to start, the best thing to do is begin with Worlds Yoga PREP Curriculum.  The Worlds Yoga PREP classes are 45-minute Yoga Classes created as building blocks for a yoga practice.  The goal of the Worlds Yoga PREP classes is to guide a beginner and create a full range of motion, which translates into a deeper immersion into a personal yoga practice.

While yoga is a great way that is accessible to all (including all ages and all sizes), it is not a quick fix. Cultivating a yoga practice (we call it practice, because it is never perfection!) takes time and commitment to lengthen and strengthen your muscles. As you study yoga, you’ll be getting in shape, but that may come to seem like a side benefit to discovering a practice that allows for limitless development and personal growth.

Overall yoga enhances wellness. Yoga helps you find balance in all areas of life: eating habits, life decisions, physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Yoga keeps you fit for LIFE.