Worlds Yoga Teacher Training Frequently Asked Questions

What is unique about Worlds Yoga 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program?

There are three advantages that together uniquely distinguish Worlds Yoga 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program from other 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training programs:

  1. Worlds Yoga’s program is broad-based and not based on a single yoga sequence like some other teacher training programs are.
  2. Among the yoga teacher training programs that are broad-based, Worlds Yoga’s innovative concept of Mini Sequences makes Worlds Yoga 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training approach pedagogically superior and empowers its graduates to become highly effective yoga teachers.
  3. Worlds Yoga helps its yoga teacher training graduates to jump start their teaching after their graduation through its Yoga Teacher Mentorship program, and opportunities to assist, substitute, and teach classes at any of the Worlds Yoga studios when possible.
What does it mean to be a Certified and Registered Yoga Teacher?

There is a well-respected organization called Yoga Alliance which provides yoga teacher training program guidelines, and then reviews and approves teacher training programs which are based on its guidelines.  Yoga Alliance provides a World Wide registry system for yoga teachers who complete their yoga teacher training at institutions with approved yoga teacher training programs such as Worlds Yoga.

Worlds Yoga will issue a certificate of graduation to those who successfully complete the graduation requirements. Graduates can then register with Yoga Alliance and become a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT), because Worlds Yoga Teacher Training program is approved by Yoga Alliance.

Are there any other requirements for graduation besides attending the Teacher Training sessions?

Yes, there will be homework assignments, projects, and exams. You are also required to attend at least 25 yoga classes during the program. There will be approximately four homework assignments and four projects, as well as two exams. Homework will involve review and reiteration of most important points covered in the prior training sessions. Projects will be short and fun learning activities that trainees will be required to complete outside the teacher training sessions in small teams, or individually. One project will require research and a presentation during a teacher training session. One of the two exams will be a written take home exam and the other will be designing a Mini Sequence and teaching it to others during one of the teacher training sessions. The requirement for attending 25 yoga group classes can be met by attending yoga classes at any of the Worlds Yoga studios. 

What is Worlds Yoga Teacher Mentorship program?

Worlds Yoga Teacher Mentorship program is complementary to, but independent of the Worlds Yoga Teacher Training Program. It is an 8-week long program that has been designed to help yoga teacher training graduates (from Worlds Yoga or other institutions) to develop additional skills, higher level of confidence, and hands on experience in specific areas. Unlike 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training programs, Worlds Yoga Teacher Mentorship program in not a prescribed and structured program. It is one-on-one and hands on with a trainee and a Worlds Yoga faculty member.

Teacher Mentorship program is qualified to count as continued education credit for yoga teachers towards Yoga Alliance’s Experienced Yoga Teacher (eYT) designation.

What if I don’t want to teach Yoga?

That is fine. Not all of the people who enroll in yoga teacher training intend to teach yoga. Some enroll for their own personal enrichment. You may wish to attend the teacher training program, attend yoga classes at Worlds Yoga studios during the program at a 25% discounted rates, gain tremendous amount of insight and knowledge into various aspects of yoga, deepen your yoga practice, without becoming a registered yoga teacher. If you decide to enroll for your own personal enrichment, you can skip the homework, projects, and exams and you don’t have to make up any missed sessions if you so wish.

What if I miss a portion of the training??

If you miss up to four sessions (approximately 24 contact hours), you will have to make them up in order to receive certification. If you miss more than four sessions, you will have to wait until the next Worlds Yoga Teacher Training program and make up what you have missed by attending the equivalent number of relevant Teacher Training sessions in order to receive certification.

Your program Academic and Operations Directors will discuss with you options available for making up what you have missed in order to receive certification. The options will depend on the nature of the sessions you have missed and the availability of the faculty members. You may incur additional cost for making up missed sessions.

Where will Worlds Yoga Teacher Training sessions be held?

The Worlds Yoga Teacher Training sessions will be held at Worlds Yoga Fremont, Milpitas, and Union City studios.  Worlds Yoga studios are conveniently located along Highway 880 and are a few short exits apart. Commute to any of these studios on the weekends is a short and easy drive.

Are there any other costs beside the tuition fee?

No, there are no other costs for the Worlds Yoga Teacher Training program beside the tuition. Tuition fee is the only cost. You will receive program handbook for free. There will be a set of recommended books and reading assignment. If you like to own the books you will need to buy them at your own cost. The Yoga Teacher Training Mentorship program, which is an optional complementary program, has its own tuition fee.

What if I sign up and start, but can’t continue and have to stop?

If for any reason you can’t continue the program to its completion, you will be given a space in the next immediate Worlds Yoga Teacher Training program to complete your training.  There will be no refund of tuition and you will not receive certificate of graduation until you complete the training.

Is there a discount for attending Worlds Yoga group classes during the program?

Yes. Our teacher trainees may attend group classes during their training period at a significant discount of 25%. This benefit allows Worlds Yoga teacher trainees to experience different styles of yoga and different styles of teaching throughout their program all within Worlds Yoga studios. With Worlds Yoga membership you can attend unlimited yoga classes at any of Worlds Yoga studios.

Worlds Yoga Teacher trainees also receive 15% discount on all workshops and product purchases during the program.

Am I guaranteed to get teaching position at Worlds Yoga after graduation?

No, teaching positions in Worlds Yoga are filled through a carefully executed rigorous process. Teaching styles, schedules, experiences, educational credentials, references, and teaching as a substitute teacher in Worlds Yoga studios are all taken into account.

To help our graduates jump start their public teaching we take several measures:

  • We provide Yoga Teacher Mentorship program.
  • We schedule Community classes taught by our graduates.
  • We give priority to our graduates as substitute teachers for classes taught by other teachers when they need substitute teachers.
  • When a teaching position becomes available, given everything else being equal among all applicants, our graduates are given priority for the position because of the references they have within Worlds Yoga.
What do I do if I have other questions?

There are multiple ways to get more information:

  • Send an email to
  • Call any of Worlds Yoga studios and speak to the studio manager
  • Go to and send an email