Worlds Yoga 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Testimonials

Candace Alcantara, Class of 2014

I have been practicing Yoga since 2013 and toyed with the idea of going through a 200 hours yoga teacher training since June 2014. Every fear inside of me told me not to do it, I couldn’t possibly be good at this! But it was always on my mind and knew that I could do it! I began to research studios that offered 200 hours YTT programs and the stars were aligned perfectly! Worlds Yoga my home studio where I took my first ever yoga class was offering the very first 200 hours YTT program. I knew immediately that I was destined to be a part of 1st Generation Worlds Yoga Teacher Training program.

I was scared, excited, nervous, and happy because I did not know what to expect from our first teacher training class. We all sat around and introduced ourselves and immediately dived into class. We literally began practice teaching the first night.

I learned so much about yoga and myself throughout the YTT program that I decided to go for the extended mentorship program that Worlds Yoga offered. Worlds Yoga offered Community Classes to create a safe place for me and other graduates to teach and get over the fear of “flying”.

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Chris Butler, Class of 2014

I attended the first Worlds Yoga Teacher Training in 2014 and it was life changing. Worlds Yoga Teacher training team members were very supportive and made the decision to attend a no brainer. I initially signed up purely to enrich my own practice and fell in love with teaching! We started teaching each other from day 1.

I have never been good at speaking in front of large groups and I was apprehensive at first about getting up in front of other people and leading them in a practice, but that soon changed because it was such a supportive environment.

The content that was presented to us was comprehensive and taught in an easy to learn format.  All of our teachers gently guided us in the right direction and I soon felt I could comfortably guide my students. When I discussed my training with other seasoned teachers, they were amazed that we started teaching right away in our training. Some other training programs don’t have you teach until your last day or even when you are finished! Worlds Yoga has since become my second home.

I teach at the Worlds Yoga Fremont and Milpitas studios and love my students. I may be biased, but I don’t think you’ll find a better training program in the area. The program prepared me well to continue on with my training in Yoga Therapy which is my current field of specialization.

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Dani Galvez, Class of 2016

My experience from Worlds Yoga Teacher Training was amazing. We had many guest speakers come in and the knowledge they shared was totally worth it. The best thing about the program is that it offers the opportunity for trainees like me to start practicing how to teach right away. Almost in every class we had we were teaching our classmates. This helped me get over the nervousness of hearing myself talk and commanding bodies to move. Of course, it got easier each time.

I enjoyed how the teachers gave feedback every chance they got. The Teachers answered each question with depth and carefully. The weekend schedule of the program helped me immerse myself more into the program. The more I came to class, the more centered and focused I became. By being in the program I learned so much about myself. I could feel my authenticity flourish. This yoga teacher training not only offers you the do’s and don’ts about guiding a yoga class, it teaches you how to navigate through life and see different perspectives.

Worlds Yoga environment was very supportive. The teachers, front desk staff, and even the members of the community support teacher trainees. Being a member, a teacher, and a student in Worlds Yoga is a great experience because the community members exhibit so much compassion and dedication to their practice. All in all, I believe everybody can benefit from Worlds Yoga Teacher Training program.

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Doreen Huang, Class of 2016

From day 1 of practicing yoga in 2015, I set my path to become a yoga teacher. I knew it was within me and that I have got a lot to offer. It is in my vision to bring more people around me to the awakening.

The Worlds Yoga Teacher Training program helped me develop a solid ground for my own personal practice and opened up my window to a clearer world. The mentorship program led me into revealing who I really am and how I can offer my gift and talent to the community. It has been more obvious than ever to me why I wanted to teach yoga and how I can help my students.

I love each step of my journey and it has been wonderful. I recommend and with the same for others.

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Eileen Legaspi-Wilson, Class of 2015

The Worlds Yoga teacher training was everything I asked for and more! 

I started my yoga teacher training journey with another program, but the sessions were far apart and it was difficult to establish rapport with the instructors and other students because of the lack of consistency. I decided not to continue that program once I heard about the training at Worlds.

The expertise and knowledge of the Worlds Yoga Teacher Training Faculty members were truly invaluable. They provided years of experience and were easy to access when we had questions. They made the experience so much more enjoyable. I saw my fellow classmates week to week. We learned from each other and we saw each other grow by the end of the training. When someone was feeling overwhelmed, we all were there to provide support.

The training helped me tap into a side I hadn’t really connected with. The introspective lessons made me feel an awareness and peace that had been missing. It helped me develop a sense of who I am as an instructor. I decided to continue my teacher training journey by participating in the Mentorship program. This provided an additional layer of support. It helped me fine-tune my voice, presence, and confidence in instructing a class. If World’s offered a 500-hour course or specialty training, I would sign up in a heartbeat. I feel honored to be part of the World’s Yoga community.

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Mhairi Scallion Santera, Class of 2015  

Worlds Yoga Teacher Training program was absolutely amazing. At the beginning of the program I was a little nervous not knowing what to expect, but as time passed I was finding powerful discoveries with my voice and more awareness within myself.

The Worlds Yoga Teacher Training was like arriving home for me.  Staying present, letting go, and surrendering even though at times it was really uncomfortable for me. This really gave me a beautiful vision of what I would like to integrate into teaching yoga.

The Worlds Yoga teachers and mentors presented a comfortable space for us to express ourselves when training got challenging. They were very supportive through the process and it was nice to build a great yoga family with wonderful loving people. My perception about yoga really changed as I discovered there is so much more to yoga than I previously thought!

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Rae Ann Ianiello, Class of 2016

Yoga Changed My Life! As a Type-A personality, I was always being told to relax. After surgery to remove a cancerous tumor from my intestine, my doctor told me to slow down or update my will. Someone suggested a yoga class, and off I went (crossing another item off my to-do list). In my first class, I could barely do the most basic poses. The instructor (NOT a Worlds Yoga instructor) suggested that I take up another activity. “I don’t think yoga is for you,” she said. I was hurt and angry to hear this from an instructor, but I vowed to find a yoga studio that would be more compassionate.

As soon as I walked into Worlds Yoga, I felt welcomed and accepted. Little by little, I was able to move into the poses. Caring and talented instructors taught me to accept that wherever I am in the practice is where I am supposed to be. Through regular practice, I learned to love my body for what it could do, to calm my mind, and to use my breath. 

I completed Worlds Yoga Teacher Training program, and soon afterward, I started teaching. Nowadays I can move my body in ways that I never thought possible. Most people cannot believe that I am in my 60’s. My deepest gratitude goes to the staff, students, and instructors at Worlds Yoga. They have provided the guidance, support, and love that have helped me on my path to a healthy and happy life!

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Roshan Sukumar, Class of 2015

As a result of attending Worlds Yoga Teacher Training, I have a greater understanding of yoga poses. I have acquired many skills that have helped me in my teaching. I found Worlds Yoga Teacher Training to be very effective in giving me a foundation to start teaching. 

The Mentorship program after graduation was great for the teaching. The members of Worlds Yoga Teacher Training and mentorship were great in their feedback and providing support. They coordinated with one another well and that made moving between classes with them very seamless. Personal Practice Intensives were well planned and organized and the teachers were able to answer a lot of questions. As a result of practice sessions, I felt my personal practice was improved the most.

I started teaching Community classes in the mentorship program and progressed to teaching my own classes after that. I have developed a lot of skills and have grown as a teacher. I am teaching several classes every week in Worlds Yoga. I am looking forward to the many opportunities that have yet to present themselves in this amazing Dharma path I am walking on.

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Smile Li, Class of 2015

When I signed up for Worlds Yoga Teacher Training program, I did not have any expectations or hope to become a yoga teacher. I’m not a native English speaker and I did not feel like I knew yoga well enough to teach others. My simple reason to join Worlds Yoga Teacher Training was to motivate myself to get out of the house and do something besides being a house wife and stay at home mom. I can tell you today that this has been one of the best decisions I have made in my life. 

I remember shaking and begin nervous when I was asked to lead the class for a short practice early on in the program. I did not know what to say. After seven weeks of Worlds Yoga Teacher Training I was able to lead a class on my own. When I look back I realize that signing up for Worlds Yoga Teacher Training has been a life changing decision and as a result of I have truly committed myself to yoga and I truly believe in it. I teach a minimum of 8 classes per week currently.

Worlds Yoga Teacher Training is an amazing program that helped me transition my body and mind in a profound direction. It allowed me to truly find my inner self and it enlightened me. The knowledge and skills I have learned are far beyond my original expectations. The experience not only expanded my personal practice, it also enabled me to share my passion for yoga with others as a yoga teacher.  The journey I started with Worlds Yoga Teacher Training will continue to impact the rest of my life in positive and meaningful ways.

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Virginia Mohammed, Class of 2015

The Worlds Yoga Teacher Training program provided a safe and loving space for me to meet my own personal challenges and to grow not only in my practice but also as a person. The training helped me identify and cultivate my own personal talents. 

I love teaching and being part of the community. After I completed my Teacher Training program at Worlds Yoga, Worlds Yoga provided opportunity for me to start teaching. I am currently teaching permanent yoga classes in Worlds Yoga Fremont and Milpitas and I am called upon to sub classes in Worlds Yoga Union City.

Worlds Yoga Teacher Training and the support that I have received from Worlds Yoga after my graduation have enabled me to become an effective yoga teacher and continue developing my personal and teaching skills.

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Zee Ilagan, Class of 2014

I completed my yoga teacher training in Worlds Yoga and I am happy to say that I am a member of the 1st group of Worlds Yoga Teacher Training graduates. The faculty members of the program had extensive experience in all aspects of yoga and it’s philosophy. The program offered everything I was expecting and more. I have so much more confidence and more knowledge in various aspects of yoga. This opened up my eyes to so much and made me aware that there is so much more to learn.

I loved how we were given the opportunity to teach right away and this is what helped me to use my voice and build confidence. The instructors were all very experienced and the studio has a great community feel to it as well.

The best thing is connecting with the yoga community and building great friendships with others in the teacher training and meeting such great people. I am currently teaching a class and get a lot of opportunities to sub classes in Worlds Yoga. Teaching yoga is something I am proud to do and I love the experience. Thank you Worlds Yoga!

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