New to Yoga

New to Yoga?

Register for Worlds Yoga 15 days for $25 unlimited yoga package to practice a variety of styles & teachers: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Heated Vinyasa, and HOT yoga classes to get a feel for what you like the best. Then discuss your experience with one of our studio managers for recommendations on building and cultivating your practice.  We have suggested reading materials for you too!

First Steps:

Deciding that you want to start doing yoga is the first step. It’s easy to get stuck here, though. Don’t be intimidated! Here is the information you will need to take that next step and start enjoying the benefits of a yoga practice.

The place: Studio/Home/Studio/Gym

Why does practicing at a studio matter? The experiences between practicing at home verses in a gym or at a studio are completely different. A yoga studio will offer the most benefit in terms of atmosphere (heat/lights/sound), certified instruction (Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT)), teacher assists & adjustments. The teachers at Worlds Yoga studios are accomplished, certified, and effective at giving you safe instruction during your practice.  Our teachers are committed to giving you modifications for your practice to bring you & your body the most benefit.

Brand new to yoga students are recommended to begin one of Worlds Yoga Gentle Yoga classes and we welcome beginners in any class. PREP classes are designed as fundamental building blocks for any yoga practice.  If you are willing and up for a challenge Gentle Vinyasa or Hatha Flow can also be a wonderful place to begin.

Although many newer yoga students may start at home with video instruction, this is not the safest recommendation.  Practicing at home is best served for intermediate/advanced students between studio practices.  It is a serious commitment to develop a home practice and a student must already have good instruction from a trusted teacher.

Practicing in a gym setting is also very limiting in instruction.  Usually the setting includes loud music, bright lights and newer/less trained teachers.

Styles of yoga:

Which yoga is for you? Yoga, by definition, is union. Although there are many teachers & styles, knowledge is key. Ask questions.  Become educated. Our Worlds Yoga Class guide  will describe the classes available at Worlds Yoga studios.  Research: Try 5 different classes.

What to Bring?

Wear comfortable, athletic fitting, no loose fitting clothing. No need to purchase a mat; Worlds Yoga studios have rental yoga mats.  If you are considering purchasing a new mat, Jade mats are made with recycled materials-which means good karma for you.  Worlds Yoga sells Jade & Manduka mats and other items like Yogitoes, books & other yoga gear. Be mindful of purchasing a mat from a cellophane wrapper –these mats tend to be extra slippery. Water and towel may also be helpful depending on type of practice.  Bring your spirit.

What to Expect?

If new to yoga; it’s good to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to start of class.  Plan to stay for entire class, leaving early is a distraction and doesn’t allow for completing the yogic process.  The final relaxation is the way to allow the body to integrate the wonderful work of the practice.

After class, make sure to drink plenty of water and clean out the body.  Know that you may experience soreness the day after your first class. Good to practice 2-3 times a week for the best benefits from a yoga practice.

Yoga Recommendations:

  • Try eating lightly a few hours before class starts; practice on an ‘empty’ stomach
  • Drink only little sips of water during class if necessary; hydrating before and after class is best
  • Practice barefoot
  • Turn off your cell phone
  • No perfumes or scents
  • Tell the teacher it’s your first class (you probably won’t be the only one)
  • Ask the teacher for help if you need it
  • Do not compare yourself to other students; everyone works at their own level
  • Plan your next practice, SET A DATE, mark it in your schedule